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Here at OLMPH, Ajah, we strive  to live and better ourselves and our community through the gifts of our time, talents and treasures. With the different societies in the parish, you will find a place that suits you.

God bless you.





Message from the parish priest



Our new church building project has entered the finishing and completion stages (flooring, tiling, plastering, electrical, audio and visual equipment wiring, windows, air-conditioning etc.). These phases are currently estimated at N250 million.

The Parish Priest and Parish Finance Council (PFC) have concluded that to be able to complete the new church building project it would be expedient to solicit funding from our parishioners and their friends, relations, families, business partners/colleagues, well wishers, acquaintances and others in financing these phases of the project.

A series of fund raising activities are being planned to give effect to the realization of a timely and successful completion of the project. A key date to note for now will be April 29, 2017, to kick-start these series of fund raising activities. The PFC wishes to emphasize the active involvement of all and sundry in these fund raising activities.

Why you need to make a very generous offering to this project.

  1. The Bible commands that we “Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.” Luke: 6: 38
  2. God blesses us when we give:
    1. Spiritual blessings – “…give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven…” Mark10: 21
    2. Material blessings – “If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted…. And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire with good things….” Isaiah 58: 10, 11.
    3. When we give we are giving to God for the final redemption of our own souls and those of many more whom this project will bring these benefits to. – “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.” Matt: 25: 40
    4. When we give to God’s work we are investing: “…and whatever you spend, I will repay you when I come back.” Luke 10: 30 – 37.
    5. God will pay us back for sacrificial giving: “…and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” 2 Cor. 9: 6.

May the Good Lord continually bless you as you give according to your means.



Below is the Vatican-provided full text of the Pope’s Message:

2017 Pope's Lenten Message.
‘The Word is a gift. Other persons are a gift’
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Lent is a new beginning, a path leading to the certain goal of Easter, Christ’s victory over death. This season urgently calls us to conversion. Christians are asked to return to God “with all their hearts” (Joel 2:12), to refuse to settle for mediocrity and to grow in friendship with the Lord. Jesus is the faithful friend who never abandons us. Even when we sin, he patiently awaits our return; by that patient expectation, he shows us his readiness to forgive (cf. Homily, 8 January 2016).
Lent is a favorable season for deepening our spiritual life through the means of sanctification offered us by the Church: fasting, prayer and almsgiving. At the basis of everything is the word of God, which during this season we are invited to hear and ponder more deeply. I would now like to consider the parable of the rich man and Lazarus (cf. Lk 16:19-31). Let us find inspiration in this meaningful story, for it provides a key to understanding what we need to do in order to attain true happiness and eternal life. It exhorts us to sincere conversion.
1. The other person is a gift
The parable begins by presenting its two main characters. The poor man is described in greater detail: he is wretched and lacks the strength even to stand. Lying before the door of the rich man, he fed on the crumbs falling from his table. His body is full of sores and dogs come to lick his wounds (cf. vv. 20-21). The picture is one of great misery; it portrays a man disgraced and pitiful.
The scene is even more dramatic if we consider that the poor man is called Lazarus: a name full of promise, which literally means “God helps”. This character is not anonymous. His features are clearly delineated and he appears as an individual with his own story. While practically invisible to the rich man, we see and know him as someone familiar. He becomes a face, and as such, a gift, a priceless treasure, a human being whom God loves and cares for, despite his concrete condition as an outcast (cf. Homily, 8 January 2016).
Lazarus teaches us that other persons are a gift. A right relationship with people consists in gratefully recognizing their value. Even the poor person at the door of the rich is not a nuisance, but a summons to conversion and to change. The parable first invites us to open the doors of our heart to others because each person is a gift, whether it be our neighbor or an anonymous pauper. Lent is a favorable season for opening the doors to all those in need and recognizing in them the face of Christ. Each of us meets people like this every day. Each life that we encounter is a gift deserving acceptance, respect and love. The word of God helps us to open our eyes to welcome and love life, especially when it is weak and vulnerable. But in order to do this, we have to take seriously what the Gospel tells us about the rich man.
2. Sin blinds us
The parable is unsparing in its description of the contradictions associated with the rich man (cf. v. 19). Unlike poor Lazarus, he does not have a name; he is simply called “a rich man”. His opulence was seen in his extravagant and expensive robes. Purple cloth was even more precious than silver and gold, and was thus reserved to divinities (cf. Jer 10:9) and kings (cf. Jg 8:26), while fine linen gave one an almost sacred character. The man was clearly ostentatious about his wealth, and in the habit of displaying it daily: “He feasted sumptuously every day” (v. 19). In him we can catch a dramatic glimpse of the corruption of sin, which progresses in three successive stages: love of money, vanity and pride (cf. Homily, 20 September 2013).
The Apostle Paul tells us that “the love of money is the root of all evils” (1 Tim 6:10). It is the main cause of corruption and a source of envy, strife and suspicion. Money can come to dominate us, even to the point of becoming a tyrannical idol (cf. Evangelii Gaudium, 55). Instead of being an instrument at our service for doing good and showing solidarity towards others, money can chain us and the entire world to a selfish logic that leaves no room for love and hinders peace.
The parable then shows that the rich man’s greed makes him vain. His personality finds expression in appearances, in showing others what he can do. But his appearance masks an interior emptiness. His life is a prisoner to outward appearances, to the most superficial and fleeting aspects of existence (cf. ibid., 62).
The lowest rung of this moral degradation is pride. The rich man dresses like a king and acts like a god, forgetting that he is merely mortal. For those corrupted by love of riches, nothing exists beyond their own ego. Those around them do not come into their line of sight. The result of attachment to money is a sort of blindness. The rich man does not see the poor man who is starving, hurting, lying at his door.
Looking at this character, we can understand why the Gospel so bluntly condemns the love of money: “No one can be the slave of two masters: he will either hate the first and love the second, or be attached to the first and despise the second. You cannot be the slave both of God and of money” (Mt 6:24).
3. The Word is a gift
The Gospel of the rich man and Lazarus helps us to make a good preparation for the approach of Easter. The liturgy of Ash Wednesday invites us to an experience quite similar to that of the rich man. When the priest imposes the ashes on our heads, he repeats the words: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”. As it turned out, the rich man and the poor man both died, and the greater part of the parable takes place in the afterlife. The two characters suddenly discover that “we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it” (1 Tim 6:7).
We too see what happens in the afterlife. There the rich man speaks at length with Abraham, whom he calls “father” (Lk 16:24.27), as a sign that he belongs to God’s people. This detail makes his life appear all the more contradictory, for until this moment there had been no mention of his relation to God. In fact, there was no place for God in his life. His only god was himself.
The rich man recognizes Lazarus only amid the torments of the afterlife. He wants the poor man to alleviate his suffering with a drop of water. What he asks of Lazarus is similar to what he could have done but never did. Abraham tells him: “During your life you had your fill of good things, just as Lazarus had his fill of bad. Now he is being comforted here while you are in agony” (v. 25). In the afterlife, a kind of fairness is restored and life’s evils are balanced by good.
The parable goes on to offer a message for all Christians. The rich man asks Abraham to send Lazarus to warn his brothers, who are still alive. But Abraham answers: “They have Moses and the prophets, let them listen to them” (v. 29). Countering the rich man’s objections, he adds: “If they will not listen either to Moses or to the prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone should rise from the dead” (v. 31).
The rich man’s real problem thus comes to the fore. At the root of all his ills was the failure to heed God’s word. As a result, he no longer loved God and grew to despise his neighbor. The word of God is alive and powerful, capable of converting hearts and leading them back to God. When we close our heart to the gift of God’s word, we end up closing our heart to the gift of our brothers and sisters.
Dear friends, Lent is the favorable season for renewing our encounter with Christ, living in his word, in the sacraments and in our neighbor. The Lord, who overcame the deceptions of the Tempter during the forty days in the desert, shows us the path we must take. May the Holy Spirit lead us on a true journey of conversion, so that we can rediscover the gift of God’s word, be purified of the sin that blinds us, and serve Christ present in our brothers and sisters in need. I encourage all the faithful to express this spiritual renewal also by sharing in the Lenten Campaigns promoted by many Church organizations in different parts of the world, and thus to favor the culture of encounter in our one human family. Let us pray for one another so that, by sharing in the victory of Christ, we may open our doors to the weak and poor. Then we will be able to experience and share to the full the joy of Easter.
From the Vatican, 18 October 2016,
Feast of Saint Luke the Evangelist



TEL/FAX: 01- 8448669

Monthly Bulletin /Circular APRIL, ,, ,2017/No. 055 /No. 055



Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord:

1.  THE MONTH OF APRIL: The season of Lent is gradually drawing to a close as we ease into the

glorious  and  solemn  Season  of  Easter  which  begins  with  the  celebration  of  the  Resurrection  of  Jesus

Christ, the climax of the Holy Week celebrations. Throughout the entire month, the Church continues to

celebrate the joy of Easter and the gift of New Life in Christ. Though the way to the Resurrection wasthe

Via Crucis, the Sacrificial Lamb of God is now and forever Christ our Light, the eternal High Priest of the

New Covenant. And his sorrowful mother, the  Stabat Materof Good Friday, is now the jubilant  Regina


2. EASTER:The word "Easter" comes from Old English, meaning simply the "East." The sun which rises

in the East, bringing light, warmth and hope, is a  symbol for the Christian of the rising Christ, who  is the

true Light of the world.  The Paschal Candleis a central symbol of this divine light, which isChrist. It is

kept near the ambo throughout Easter Time, and lit for all liturgical celebrations.

Easter is also the celebration of the Lord's resurrectionfrom the dead, culminating in his Ascension to the

Father  and  the  sending  of  the  Holy  Spirit  upon  the  Church.  Easter  Time  is  the  most  important  of  all

liturgical times. There are  50 daysof Easter from the first Sunday to Pentecost. It is characterized, above

all, by the joy of glorified life and victory over  death, expressed most fully in the great resoundingcry of

the Christian: Alleluia! All other expressions of  faith flow from faith in the resurrection: "If Christ has not

been raised, then empty is our preaching; empty, too, is your faith." (1 Cor 15:14)

The octave of Easter comprises the eight (8) days which stretch from the first to the second Sunday. It is a

way of prolonging the joy of the initial day. In a sense, every day of the Octave is like a little Sunday.

a.  Easter is the feast of feasts, the unalloyed joy and gladness of all Christians. This truly is "the day that

the Lord has made." From Sunday to Sunday, from year to year, the celebrations of Easters on this world

will lead us to that blessed day on which Christ has promised that He will come again in glory to takeus

With Him into the kingdom of His Father. May this Easter bring us good tidings and heavenly blessings

3. MASS OF THE CHRISM 2017: This will take on Tuesday 11


April and Thursday 13th April, 2017. Venue: Ss. Michael, Gabriel & Raphael Catholic Church, Satellite Town and Holy Cross

Cathedral respectively, Time: 9:00am.

4. CATHEDRATICUM- One of the very laudable practices at the Masses of Chrism is the presentation

of  gifts  that  are  distributed  to  less  privileged  and  the  needy  in  various  Homes  and  prisons  around  the

Archdiocese. We have noticed a big drop in the measure of gifts that come from parishes for this most

Salutary practice. We expect Parish Priests and Priests-In-Charge to make deliberate and concerted efforts to encourage Parishioners to generously donate gift items to the growing number of indigent people that

Come around with high expectations at this time. The resources saved by our Lenten fast are supposed to be

Used for charity rather than as savings for other personal use.


Since Ash Wednesday, the Archbishop, Most Rev.  Alfred Adewale  Martins  has  been  giving  Lenten

Reflections daily on Radio Nigeria, 103.50 FM at 6.05 am and 8.55pm daily and also, on Rhythm FM at

6:35am daily. Kindly inform your parishioners and encourage them to tune in to this frequency and listen to the reflection which shall go on till Easter DV. May the Word of God nourish our souls. Amen.


EVANGELISATION (ARCE): This Commission which was inaugurated a few months ago to motivate

and  enhance  the  missionary  mandate  given  to  all  followers  of  Christ  in  our  Archdiocese  made  a  very remarkable contribution to the Lenten Pilgrimage for this year. We commend this Commission headed by

Msgr. Paschal Nwaezeapu for the fresh initiative in proposing fresh methods of carrying out both primary and secondary evangelization efforts in the Archdiocese.  We expect that it would take further steps to stimulate deliberate and focused evangelization activities in our educational institutions, formation of Lay leaders and the youths in particular in the art of evangelization, focus on ministry to teenagers and other matters related to helping people to encounter Christ in a personal way.

We  urge  all  priests,  Religious  Women  and  Men  and  the  laity  in  general  to  cooperate  with  this

Commission in attaining the goal of evangelization that Christ set for his Church. We are all aware of

The challenges to the faith that has led to serious decline in the practice of the faith in some other parts of the world. We must take proactive steps to ensure that we stem the tide of secularism and the aggressive

Proselytizing by other sects and denominations by formation of our members in the faith and in the art of evangelization. If  members  are  strong  in  the  faith  having  had  their encounter  with  Christ,  they  will  be  zealous  for Proclaiming the faith also.


Once again we draw the attention of Parish Priests and Heads of other institutions in the Archdiocese to the

Alpha Course. The course to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of guided talks and discussions to help people to either discover or rediscover the meaning and joy of the Christian message. It gives  one  an  opportunity  to  leverage  on  the  experiences  of  others  in  a  friendly,  warm  and  simple atmosphere. Alpha is an invaluable tool for evangelization.

It already being organized in different Parishes and Centres such as St. Charles Borromeo’s, 1004, Holy

Cross Cathedral, Lagos, Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, Lekki, and Lagos Resource Centre, to mention a few. We encourage other parishes and institutions to embrace this laudable Programme and run Alpha in the Parishes and institutions. In order to arrange for the courses, kindly contact Rev. Fr. Anthony Nwosu on 08063853466 or Mrs. Aima Lijadu on 080333454777, 08136304244.

8. PRESENTATION OF BOOKS/WORKS FOR IMPRIMATUR:  This is to advise those who want to present their works for Imprimatur, to first seek editing of their works from capable hands particularly their

Priests before sending them to the Archbishop for consideration.

9.  VERITAS  TRAVELS  &  TOURS  an  IATA  registered  Travel  Agency  owned  and  sponsored  by  the

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria provides Travel and Tour services which include:

• Ticketing

• Pilgrimages

• Educational Tours

• Bespoke Vacations

For more enquires call 08188168700 or visit the Catholic Secretariat Building, No. 6, Force Road, Onikan,


10. JAMB and Augustine University, Ilara (AUI): Our young people are at this time preparing to choose

the Universities they intend to do their studies as they take the JAMB exams We call on Parish Priests and Priests-in-Charge to make deliberate efforts to encourage students to consider our Augustine University in making their choices. A minimum JAMB Score of 180 in relevant subject combinations is required. For more information, please visit the University website at www.augustineuniversity.edu.ng.

Available Programmes are:


1.  B.Sc. Economics

2.  B.Sc. Business Administration

3.  B.Sc. Accounting

4.  B.Sc. Economics

5.  B.Sc. Business Administration

6.  B.Sc. Economics

7.  B.Sc. Economics

8.  B.Sc. Business Administration

9.  B.Sc. Accounting

10.  B.Sc. Banking and Finance

11.  B.A. English

12.  B.A. Philosophy

13.  B.A. Religious Studies


8.  B.Sc. Mathematics

9.  B.Sc. Computer Science

10.  B.Sc. Microbiology

11.  B.Sc. Biology

12.  B.Sc. Chemistry

13.  B.Sc. Physics

Parish Priests and Priests-in-Charge are expected to include this announcement in their weekly bulletin and keep repeating it.


a.  WALK  FOR  THE  POOR:  The  maiden  edition  of  WALK  FOR  THE  POOR –  a  Charity  Walk

Organized by Couples for Christ (CFC) will take place on Saturday April 1, 2017. It will start at 8.00am


from  Saints  Mulumba  and  David  Catholic  Church  Lawanson, Surulere  and  terminate  at  the  National

Stadium. The Walk is being organized to draw attention to the plight of the poor and disadvantaged children in our communities and to mobilize support for them. It is also being organized to raise awareness and support for the CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMME – a unique Scholarship Programme of Couples for Christ.

The theme of the Walk is “TAKE A STEP AND CHANGE THEIR FUTURE.” All faithful are enjoined to participate; support or sponsor. For more information can be obtained by contacting Couples For Christ on 07031808979 or 08033481595.

b. CURIA  MEETING-  Members  of  the  Archdiocesan  Curia  are  hereby  reminded  of  their  meeting scheduled to hold on the 6th of April, 2017 at 10:00amin the Chancery Conference Room.


Deans,  Heads  of  Religious  Institutes,  Educational  Institutes  and  Archdiocesan  Departments  to  kindly forward their response on the questionnaire sent to them on this subject to The Chancery by 14Th of April, 2017. Please treat as urgent as these have taken such a long time in coming!

d.  ARCHDIOCESAN FINANCE COUNCIL MEETING: This comes up on Thursday 20th of April, 2017 at the Chancery by 10:00am. Those concerned should please take note.

e. 32ND ARCHDIOCESAN YOUTH DAY: This event comes up on the 23rd of April with Holy Mass at

Church of the Annunciation, Abraham Adesanya Estate, Ajah. The reception is at Lagos Business School.

We  appeal  to  Parish  Priests  and  Priest-in-Charge  to support  our  youth  and  also  make  efforts  to  place

Goodwill messages in the programme. Youths that wish to participate are required to register online.

f.  MAIDEN  ARCHDIOCESAN  CYON  ESSAY  COMPETITION:  Appreciation  to  all  those  who

Participated in this competition and submitted their entries on or before the submission deadline. Qualified entries are currently being reviewed and the winners would be announced soonest.

g. 16TH

BIENNIAL ARCHDIOCESAN YOUTH CONVENTION: This event is scheduled to take place From August 24th

-27th in the premises of our Archdiocesan University, Augustine University, Ilara-Epe. All

Catholic Youths in the Archdiocese are enjoined to register online to participate in this event. Parish Priests and individuals are encouraged to support them.


Commission (LAMCOM) celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus in a musically grand style as she presents:

THE FESTIVAL OF CHORAL CHAMPIONS. It is scheduled to take place as follows:  Date: Sunday

30th April 2017.Venue: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, V.I, Lagos. Time: 4pm prompt. This day is set aside

to  share  in  the  Love,  Joy,  &  Gladness  of  Easter.  Musicals ranging from Easter songs, Classical hymns,

Traditional Hymns, etc. shall be rendered by Deanery choirs of our Archdiocese.

g. CATHOLIC PRISON CHAPLAINCY- Parishes, Organizations, Societies or Individuals that wish to

visit  any  prison  or  prisons,  in  the  name  of  the  Archdiocese  need  to  contact  or  notify  the  Archdiocesan

Prison Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Jacob Adeyemi C.M on 08030600439 especially during the Lenten season and

Eastertide. It is necessary that he should be informed of the intention to do so for coordination of visits and arrangement of due logistics.

h. ANTHONY CARDINAL OKOGIE FOUNDATION (ACOF) SCHOLARSHIP: We thank all those who have keyed  into this charitable project of the Archdiocese of  Lagos initiated in honour of Anthony

Cardinal Okogie. Forms to access this scholarship will be out in this month of April 2017. Parish Priests to take note.

i.  CATHOLIC  WOMEN  ORGANIZATION  (C.W.O):  This  to  inform  members  of  (C.W.O)  in  the

Archdiocese of Lagos that election of Officers shall take place in this order;


  Deanery CWO Elections to hold in the month of April, 2017

  LACCWO election to hold in the month of June, 2017

  Inauguration of new LACCWO Officers, August, 2017.

Please take note that copies of the Guidelines for the Election has been given to the Deanery Coordinators and  LACCWO  Executives  with  instruction  to  hand  them over  to  the  Parish  Priests  and  Parish  CWO

Presidents. Please note that lists of delegates to Deanery and LACCWO elections must be countersigned by Parish Priests and the Deans respectively.  Lists of elected officers must be submitted  through Deanery CWO  Coordinator  within  one  week  after  elections  to  LACCWO  while  LACCWO  elected  Officers’  list shall be submitted within the same period through the LACCWO Chaplain to the Archbishop.

j.  CHRISM  MASS  PLANNING  COMMITTEE:  The  2017  Chrism  Mass  Planning  Committee  meets every Thursday at Holy Cross Cathedral Hall at 6:00p.m. Parish Priests and Priests-in-Charge are reminded to nominate two parishioners to represent their parishes at the Chrism Mass Planning Committee weekly meetings. All the Parishes that fall under the following deaneries: Isolo, Satellite, Badagry, Festac and Apapa are to send their representatives to the LOC weekly meetings at Ss. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Satellite Town every Sunday at 5:00p.m.

k. QUARTERLY RETURNS: Please be reminded that the returns from the following Special Collections are to be made in the first quarter of the year: Epiphany (1st

Sunday of the year), CBCN Collection (3rd

Sunday of the Year), Laity Collection (5th

Sunday of the Year) and Caritas Lagos Collection (2nd Sunday of Lent). We remind all Parish Priests and Priests-in-Charge who are yet to remit their returns for

the  previous  quarters  including  the  Special  Collections as  directed  in  the  last  circular  note  their  repeat violation of the deadlines. Once again, we encourage repeat defaulters in this matter to make amendments before it is too late.

Once  again  we  wish  to  encourage  the  use  of  the  Pay-Direct  option  or  funds  transfer  to  forestall  the challenges of returned cheques due to irregular signatures and other problems that cause cheques to bounce. For those who insist on making their returns with cheques, we request that you kindly pay attention to your entries and signature.

When  making  their  returns,  Parish  Priests  or  Priests-in-Charge,  should  also  ensure  they  attach  the  front page of the Blue Sheets that has the name of the parish and the appropriate quarter on it. Kindly note these in your subsequent submissions.

l. Mater Ecclesiae Monastery:

  Monthly  Retreat:  Mater  Ecclesiae  Monastery,  Sangotedo,  Lagos  organizes  a  day  of  spiritual retreat for young girls from 15 years and above for the purpose of discerning their vocation. The retreat is scheduled to hold on the first Saturday of every month.  Time: 9:00 am – 4.00 pm.  Venue: Mater Ecclesia Monastery, Sangotedo, Lekki, Lagos.

  Mater Ecclesiae Retreat Center: Mater Ecclesiae Retreat Center is officially open to everyone for personal and Group Retreats. Visitors can also pay visits to the Book Centre. For more inquiries, call 09085648168.

m.  Statistical  Questionnaire  Form:  This  is  to  remind  Parish  Priest  and  Priest-In-Charge  that  the

Questionnaire Form given to them, should be returned to the Chancery “quam primum” duly completed.


Archdiocese will be having her centenary celebration of the Fatima Apparition on Saturday 27th

May, 2017 beginning with Rosary Procession starting from National Stadium, Surulere at 7.00am to the Marian Shrine

Maryland. This will be preceded by 9 days programme in all Parishes between 18th

& 26th of May. We kindly request the co-operation of Archdiocesan Organs and Marian groups with Committee headed by Fr. Andrew Abhulimen, Co-ordinator/Archdiocesan Chaplain of Block Rosary Crusade.



Application  for  admission  into  Antioch  Pastoral  Institute  for  the  2017/2018  session  are  invited  from

persons  desiring  to  be  trained  as  Catechists  and  Catechism  Teachers.  Lay Liturgical Ministers, Parish

Office  staff,  members  of  Institutes  of  Religious  Life,  members  of  Associations  of  Lay  Faithful,  or individuals wishing to develop your knowledge of the Catholic faith are also qualified to apply. Anyone Who wishes to be trained to function as Pastoral Agent, should please feel free to apply.

Forms are obtainable at the Catechetic/ Religious Education Department of the Archdiocese of Lagos, 19, Maye  Street,  Yaba,  Lagos,  on  or  before  April  28,  2017  for  N500  only.  For further inquiries call

0803504118, 08033574050, and 08066224284.


in  the  Archdiocesan,  Deanery,  Parish  Laity  Council  levels;  Archdiocesan  and  Deanery  Executives  of

Associations of Lay faithful; members of PPC & PFC , comes up on Saturday, 13th May, 2017.  Theme:

"Good Leaders are products of good followers".  The programme starts with accreditation by 7am.

Parishes  (comprising  of  Executives  from  PPC,  PFC  &  Laity  Council  and  Archdiocesan  Lay Organization/Society  are  to  send  Ten  (10)  delegates while  Deaneries  are  to  send  Five  (5)  delegates. Participation Fee: N1, 500.00 per participant.  PLEASE NOTE:  No one person should double in representation [i.e. representing Parish or Deanery and Society at the same time]

q.  VISITATION  OF  THE  STATUE  OF  OUR  LADY  OF  FATIMA  TO  PARISHES:  As  part  of preparations towards the  centenary anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, members of the

World  Apostolate  of  Fatima  (Blue  Army)  will  be  visiting  parishes  in  the  Archdiocese.  We ask Parish Priests and Priests-in– Charge to give them audience.

r.  FAMILY  AND  HUMAN  LIFE  UNIT  (FHLU):  The  following  courses  are  available  for  those interested:


Part Time Classes:


i. Weekday, First Tuesday of each month for 10 months begins 7


February, 2017

ii. Weekend, First Saturday of each month for 10 months begins 14th

February, 2017.


St Francis Catholic Church Idimu

Fourth Saturday of each month for 10 months began 25th

February, 2017

IKORODU CENTRE St. Augustine Catholic Church Ikorodu

Fourth Tuesday of each month for 10 months began 28th February 2017

FESTAC CENTRE Holy Family Catholic Church Festac Second Tuesday of each month began 14th

February, 2017 APAPA CENTRE St Margaret Catholic Church Osho Drive

Third Tuesday of each month began 17th January 2017

2.  LOVE AND LIFE Ovulation Method (BILLINGS) of Natural Family Planning

First Saturday of each month for 7 months began 4th of February 2017.


Third Friday of each month for 10 months began 17th February, 2017.


One Friday a month for 3 months beginning from 20th January 2017

For  all  individuals  who  are  interested  and  wish  to  be  trained  to  work  in  areas  of  Marriage,  Family  and Human Life as Facilitators, Counselors or Social workers. PLEASE register now by calling: 08033804494 or 08023547952 for more details.

VENUE: Church and society building, 19 Maye Street, off commercial avenue, Sabo, Yaba.

Course fee: 3,500 per session (includes materials, tea break and lunch) and duration for each session 6hrs (10am to 4pm).

Total course fee with certificate: Marriage theology and Lived experience: 40,000.00; Canon Law for Lay

Faithful:  40,000.00;  Love  and  Life  (billings)  ovulation  method  of  natural  family  planning:  30,500  and Basic  Christian  Counseling:  12,000.00.  NOTE:  PAYMENT DETAILS:  FAMILY AND HUMAN LIFE


10. PRIESTLY ORDINATION ANNIVERSARY: PRIESTLY ORDINATION ANNIVERSARY: We Congratulate, rejoice with and request your prayersfor Rev. Msgr. Obanla Anthony & Frs. Adegun Francis,

Chikezie  Wisdom,  Ekpo  Benjamin,  Ideawor  Kingsley,  Martinos  Theodore,  Okpala  Melchizedek,

Emmaneul Likoko, John Nwanze and Gilbert Thesing as they mark their Sacerdotal Ordination anniversary this month. May God grant them lasting joy and the grace of final perseverance. Ad multos annos!

11. BEREAVEMENT:  We announce with a heavy heart, the death of Sr. Rosemary Atuegbu, SHCJ who died on 16th March 2017. Until her death, Sr. Rosemary was the Administrator of the Holy Child College,

Obalende. She was buried on 31st March 2017 after a funeral Mass at the Church of Assumption, Falomo.  We are all reminded of our obligation of celebrating Masses for the repose of her soul. May God grant her eternal rest.


+ Alfred Adewale Martins

Archbishop, Metropolitan See of Lagos.